Benefits Of Banana For Beautiful Hairs And Skin


Banana is the normal man’s meat. What’s more, its not a wild explanation yet affirmed rationale. Firstly, it is accessible as the year progressed. Also, they are outstandingly sound as they pressed with medical advantages – they contain numerous supplements, for example, vitamins A, B, C and E and minerals like potassium, zinc, iron and manganese. Pretty much as you might want to crunch on a banana to keep your body healthy, use of this natural product on your hair and skin helps you keep them in awesome condition also.


Natural Skin Moisturizer: 

Squash the ready banana and apply it on the face. Wash it following 10 -15 minutes. Since banana contains the vitamin An, it serves to saturate the skin.

Open Skin Pores:

Banana can keep the skin gleaming certain. That happens as it effectively opens the obstructing skin pores and gives shine to the face. Take the finely ready banana and blend lemon juice to the squashed banana. Apply this veil on the face. Wash the face following 10 minutes. Lemon contains vitamin C that sheds and cleans the skin.

Skin Brightener:

Banana peels can light up your skin. Delicately rub the internal peel on your skin and afterward wash off.

Anti Aging Benefits:

Since banana has heaps of minerals and vitamins especially vitamin E, it serves to free your face from wrinkles and age spots. Pound the banana and blend powdered type of vitamin E cases into it. Apply this against maturing face cover, and following 10-15 minutes wash the face.

Lessen Eye Puffiness:

Take banana peel and cut it into little pieces. Rub the inward side of the peel on puffy eyes and under the eyes for 5 minutes. Presently wash the face. The potassium levels in it help to abatement the puffiness under the eyes.

Skin inflammation Treatment:

There could be numerous reasons your skin is inclined to pimple inflamation. Then again, for best results, rub the influenced zone on the face with a banana for a couple of minutes, then flush off. Rehash it three times every day. The cancer prevention agents in the peels help in battling pesty breakouts.

Wrinkle Treatment: 

At the end of the day the banana peel emerges in the magnificence regimen. Rub the peel on the face in round movement. This methodology helps in keeping the wrinkles on the face.

Whiten Teeth:

Banana peel is exceptionally sheltered and solid concerning whitening teeth as they are a glorious wellspring of minerals and vitamins. They don’t have the abrasiveness that other characteristic whiteners have, and best of all they are reasonable. Curtailed off a bit of the banana peel and rub the internal part over your teeth and afterward flush off. Rehash it twice every day to get more white looking teeth.

So these were a couple of profits of banana for face.

For the hair… .

Treat Damaged Hair:

Banana is the common hair conditioner. Blend ready banana and coconut drain in a dish and apply to the hair. Wash your hair following 10 minutes. In the event that amla (Indian gooseberry) juice is accessible, then add a teaspoon to the above blend.

Control Hair Loss:

Squash the banana into fine glue and add ½ measure of curd to it. Apply this smooth glue on the scalp. It serves to control the bothersome scalp and avoids balding.

Hair Mask:

Here’s the means by which to get plush hair. Take the banana peel in a blender and include olive oil or coconut oil and egg white to it. Mix the fixings well and apply on the hair scalp. This hair cover qualities the hair from the roots, making it delicate and plush.


In the event that eating bananas is useful for body sustenance, its application on your skin and hair can keep a mixture of magnificence issues under control. So begin gnawing bananas for a sparkling