Gradient Stamping Nail Art Complete Tutorial For Beginner


The following best to nail art is gradient stamping. These turn out extremely well and are less chaotic and prolonged. All the outlines turn out in comparable shapes not at all like nail art design that you may need to re-take a shot at them several time to get what you precisely need. Along these lines, my perfect perusers experience this post and assemble some motivation for your excellent nails with gradient stamping nail art tutorial.

At first it may appear like an issue in making sense of how to mix hues to get the angle right. Be that as it may practice will make you consummate. So don’t surrender trust.

Here are the supplies you’ll need for gradient stamping nail art:

  • Nail Art Stamping Kit – You can likewise strive for Konad stamping nail craftsmanship plate that is accessible on Flipkart
  • Smaller than normal round stamping sponge
  • Nail polish– You can pick any two shades that you like
  • Top coat
  • Loves Plates Scraper
  • Pure Acetone
  • Tapered Clean-Up Brush


Watch the video furthermore read an orderly tutorial on gradient stamping nail art tutorial for beginner. Keep perusing!

  • Firstly, apply a base cover and let the layer to dry totally
  • Presently apply your base shading and let it dry
  • Get your gradient stamping plate prepared and pick two nail paints that are differentiating to your base shading
  • Now precisely apply one of the gradient shades on half divide of a configuration and paint the other half with an alternate shade
  • Since the outlines can be bigger than the extent of your nails, you don’t need to paint the whole plan
  • In the wake of applying utilize the scrubber and scratch the paint twice in order to expel the additional paint from the plate. This scratching will appropriately mix both the shades on the configuration
  • Presently you have to be exceptionally cautious with this step. In addition, you have to be snappy as the paints on the plate can become scarce. You should do nothing more than press the stamping wipe on the plate and pick the configuration. You don’t need to hold the wipe on the plate for a really long time. On the other hand, you have to squeeze it hard with the goal that the full outline is stamped on it
  • Presently stamp the configuration on your nail by squeezing the wipe over it. Press it level and fast. You can likewise move the stamping wipe over the nail to guarantee the angle is stamped legitimately everywhere throughout the nail
  • Presently complete your slope stamping with a top layer to guarantee the configuration keeps going longer

Trust this regulated gradient stamping nail art tutorial for beginner help you in getting your design right.